Eat sugar and die
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Food in our household is a big deal. I would go so far as to say food in most households is a big deal. Especially Italian households. Especially Italian households that have a Nona. I’m not exactly sure what a Nona is, but they seem to be chubby Italian women who rule the roost and organise all the food. We aren’t Italian and there is no Nona – I’m not chubby enough to be one. Still, food is a big deal.

And it just got to be an even bigger deal.

It was a normal winter day, birds were flying, dogs were barking, worms were worming. II was complaining because it was too cold to parent or even human. I was cocky on this cold, bird, dog and worm filled winter day. Somehow, I had come to the conclusion I had the whole parenting and running a household thing under control. Ye...

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