6 inch heels and the woolly mammoth
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MJ thinks life would be easier if he was a woman.

I think I would spend less time biting my tongue if MJ had a better sense of reality.

Not-so-tiny-monster doesn’t think much about this, but she will when she’s bought up to be a powerful woman.

‘I always get the crap jobs,’ has become MJ’s most common saying. Outside of his day job, MJ has only 4 other jobs.  

1. Kill and dispose of all spiders

2. Put clothes in the laundry basket. Not next to it, not behind it, not under it. In it. This job is particularly difficult for MJ to complete.

3. Cease and desist all comments about me needing to wear shoes more appropriate to the task at hand. I mean, do you really want me to wash the windows in gumboots? You want me to be miserable AND look short? Are you...

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