Heat wave from hell
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It’s 46 degrees (114.8 fahrenheit). I’m in hell. Everyone in town is in hell. Tiny Monster and the dog are in hell. And hell is hot and it’s crowded.

We can’t drive anywhere because the steering wheel in the car is too hot to touch. Air-conditioners don’t handle this sort of heat so our own homes offer little reprieve from the molten lava atmosphere that is supposed to be just an Australian summer .

We can’t go for a swim at the local pool because I’m pretty sure the water is the same temperature as the air. We can’t do anything because the moment I move I am covered in an embarrassing amount of sweat.

I may be mean and egotistical and a debatably bad mother, but I am never sweaty. (note to self, perhaps this is why I haven’t lost much baby weight.)

Gotta lo...

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