Humpty Dumpty at the local pool.
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Authentic parenting is a term that I have heard tossed around. I'm not sure, exactly, what people mean by it but I am all over it anyway. I am all about authentic parenting. The last couple of weeks have been all about authentic parenting.

From 5:30 – 6:00 every Tuesday night anyway.

Tuesday night is swimming lessons. Because every self-respecting 8 month old should know how to swim. Why bother with the ABC’s when you could be carving up waves in the local pool.

According to the world calendar it is spring in Australia. Some days it is, I know, because the magpies are out, trying to murder people. The snakes are out too. They are also trying to murder people. Australia is such a safe place to live. Sometimes I dream about living in a land where the animal kingdo...

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