A new enemey
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Being the eternal optimist that I am, I am sure you will be most surprised to hear I have a new enemy. His name is Christian W. Meinecke. He died in the early 1900’s but that is no reason to skimp on the intense dislike. And for this man, I have intense dislike. You don’t have to know someone to intensely dislike them and they certainly don’t have to be alive. Think every megaladon shark that ever existed or the idiot who is responsible for the axing of Firefly.

Meinecke may not be responsible for the current lack of Summer Glau kicking butts in a really graceful way on our T. V’s, but he did invent the dummy and that is almost as bad. My life at the moment, in all its shambles and interrupted sleep is utterly his fault.

I did a 3 minute google search, read an ol...

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