The Epiphany
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Either I have had an epiphany or I have changed. God I hope it’s an epiphany, otherwise I have become a certified, real life mother. Just because I am a mother doesn’t mean I have to be a mother with every core of my being. I am still allowed to be me. From 7:30pm till 6:30am, I am allowed to be me. Although Descartes would disagree completley, when I sleep I am still me.

I had the beginning of this epiphany whilst at a party. These parties are hosted by friends of MJ’s and I really don’t get them. They are the ones that have the women in one section and the men in the other and there are always a lot of babies and they are very boring. Plus they live in the next town so there is no chance of getting drunk and finding enjoyment in the bubbles of a champaign glass.


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Table of Contents

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