Let me sleep
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Sleeping is becoming a very serious issue.

It used to be my all-time favourite activity. I would spend days in bed if I could. Years even. Usually having a job interfered with this and now I have a job that is 24/7.  7 days a week. For the next 13 years. Then it will be the boarding matron’s problem. My job will be part-time. My sleeping will go back to full-time. Nature will have corrected itself.

I think if I don’t shower or eat ever again I can get an extra 30 minutes in a day. This would bring my daily average to 4.5 hours.

For the past year people have been telling me I’ll never sleep again. I found the comments deeply disturbing so I blocked them out as a form of self-preservation. It turns out people who have Tiny Monsters of their own have opinions based...

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Table of Contents

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