Decision time
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We are panicking. Ok, I’m panicking, MJ doesn’t really panic about anything. Except maybe running out of beer. I panic a lot but there are varying levels. The level is high in this case. High like Mt Kosciusko high. And it’s Mt Kosciusko covered in ice, not the soft powdery snow that everyone loves to ski on. The ice is also black. No good for skiing, but good for panicking.

Note to self; add ski lessons for Tiny Monster to list of things to panic about.   

Tiny monster is almost 5 months old. Time is running out; I don’t know if we are going to make it. We might be too late.

We need to make a decision and it’s a life changing one. It is the biggest decision of our lives. The pressure is almost unbearable. MJ says he needs more beer.

We mus...

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