Men go to the moon, women have babies.
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MJ is super cross with me. He says my feminist rants are out of control. He is acting like listening to my ‘rants’ isn’t interesting or necessary. As if my 40-minute tirade on the lack of pain killers for women in labour is anything but.

I tell him they spend a lot of money putting men on the moon, but there are no effective pain killers for the most painful experience of the human experience because only women experience it.  And not by choice either.

If men gave birth the lack of pain killers would have been sorted out in the 60s.

Don’t freak out, I’m not going to give you details of labour, this isn’t horror. Unless you have been through it, the description would make you cry. Plus, there aren’t actually any words in the English language to describe the pain level. I...

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