There is a Season
By G.W. Allison

Debbie Pinkham      9/25/16 3:11 PM

You are touching my life so much with this. I can't wait to read more all the time. Along with the fantastic writing, you are tapping into something in me and in a lot of people who have a lot of trouble understanding why God does what He does at times. He told Job, you aren't Me (paraphrasing here) and I have My reasons for doing what I do, even when you don't understand it at times, it's not up to you to question, accept it, and know I'm doing My best for your life. I feel like this series is God-inspired, and it's helping me in my faith, and will help others in theirs. Keep going on this. It's wonderful, and I look forward to growing in my faith with Tom's.
G.W. Allison      10/03/16 1:06 PM
Thank you, Debbie. I'm happy you're enjoying the story.

Sandra Robinson      7/16/16 1:42 PM

I can't wait to read more! Very descriptive writing. Wonderful!
G.W. Allison      7/18/16 11:42 AM
Thank you, Sandra. Every Friday a new chapter will go live.