The Worries That I Worry
By Laura Michaela Banse

Penny Stone-Saunders      6/20/16 2:48 PM

Sending you remote hugs. I know how hard Father's Day can be from personal experience. Hope you feel a little stronger today.
Laura Michaela Banse      7/04/16 3:05 AM
Thank you so much. Lord, I need to stop avoiding this blog!!

Penny Stone-Saunders      2/28/16 7:06 PM

It's called "The everyday stories of Baggy Body and her gang" Laura. It's in the Journal series and is basically a (hopefully) humorous diary about my life. I agree totally that writing is cathartic. It has helped me to get through a very difficult four months. Thank you for your support. I enjoy your "worries".
Laura Michaela Banse      3/03/16 3:20 AM
Thank you!

Penny Stone-Saunders      2/02/16 8:53 PM

How do you persuade yourself not to give up? My blog (much to my surprise) has gone international. But no one has subscribed to my series yet :( It takes much, much longer to write but clearly I'm not getting it right. I love to write, but if no one reads it, is there a point? Please don't give up, I enjoy your entries.
Laura Michaela Banse      2/28/16 1:00 AM
What's your series on here, Penny?

Laura Michaela Banse      2/28/16 12:51 AM
I think there absolutely is a point to writing, even if no one but you ever reads it. Apparently, I'm just too stupid to give up because I've told myself Every. Single. Year. that I'm going to give up if I don't ____________ And here I am, back to writing historical romances because it's what I really love. And I keep chucking what doesn't work rather than slogging through just to say I've completed something. You just have to keep going, no matter what. Writing is cathartic. It's healing.

Rachel McGrath      9/27/15 7:06 AM

Don't give up on your writing! Just read your last post x
Laura Michaela Banse      9/28/15 6:13 PM
I have not yet given up, but I have completely switched tactics! Threw out the romance as a whole, unless it happens as a subplot, it won't happen at all. When you're trying to write a historical romance and one of your characters shifts into a dragon, maybe you should actually listen to yourself? Well, I am listening, damn it. Also, thank you for the encouragement!

Rachel McGrath      9/04/15 11:51 AM

Laura I look forward to reading your series - very courageous of you :)
Laura Michaela Banse      9/07/15 1:00 AM
Thank you!