The Warlock Case Files
By Juli Monroe

Kay Gardner      6/27/17 1:01 PM

loving this! read voraciously until i'm caught up and waiting for the next story :)
Juli Monroe      6/27/17 1:25 PM
Wow!, Kay, thank you. I'm working on the next one. I just don't like posting it until it's done or close to done.

Arlene Taylor      9/16/16 1:05 PM

Just finished everything you have posted for Buried But Not Gone. Can't wait for more! Very suspenseful.

Arlene Taylor      9/15/16 6:47 AM

Hot! Hot hot hot! And too. Stinking. Adorable.
Arlene Taylor      9/16/16 10:34 AM
That is going to be a definite, I can tell!

Juli Monroe      9/16/16 12:16 AM
Again, thank you so much. Glad you loved the boys as much as I do. I hope you give Buried But Not Gone a try. They do have a significant guest starring role in that one. More boys coming. A short story and a novella (both complete) and another novel about half finished.

Arlene Taylor      9/13/16 6:33 PM

I don't know how I could possibly fall in love with these two any more than I already have. I've been crazy busy the last week or so, and I most certainly missed my boys. Er, your boys. My book boyfriends? You write so well it really draws me in. Thank you for gifting this to the world!

Arlene Taylor      9/03/16 3:35 AM

I am still loving this! It was actually painful to have to tear myself away from it to go to work tonight. :) One thing, and I mention it because I would want someone to tell me. There is a spot (chapter 4, I think, but now that I'm in the middle of this message I can't remember.) where a page repeats itself. Then later I found the page that seemed to go there in Chapter 6 (2). Anyway, I figured out what was going on. Lol. OMG I do love these two so much!
Juli Monroe      9/04/16 11:02 PM
So glad you are enjoying it. Which book has the duplicate page? I'll fix it. Err. Sorry you had to tear yourself away. :)

Arlene Taylor      8/28/16 12:06 AM

I've only read about 4 chapters in and I'm hooked! Loving every syllable.
Juli Monroe      8/31/16 10:12 PM
Thank you so much!

Kati Coons      3/22/16 3:06 AM

I am officially hooked. I chewed through this today. Your writing is addictive and approachable, and wonderfully vivid. As someone who's never spent much time in D.C., your city comes alive on the page. Your characters are a delight; seeing the world through Dafydd's eyes gives me a new appreciation for it. Anxiously awaiting the next installment(s)!
Juli Monroe      3/26/16 1:41 AM
Thanks so much, Kati. I am so glad you enjoyed it. Comments like this keep me writing!

Juli Monroe      1/13/16 8:07 PM

I thanked out on Twitter, but let me thank you again. Hearing that I helped you while you were ill brightened my day considerably!

Jonathan Currinn      1/10/16 10:22 PM

I am in love with this series. Been ill in bed for the past few days, unsure what to do and feeling sorry for myself... Decided to log onto Channillo and just read. I haven't laughed and smiled so much in the last few days than I have in the past few hours that I've been reading this series. Thanks for cheering me up and I cannot wait to read the next chapter! So happy I've found this series, I definitely will continue to read as you have me gripped!