The Case of the Reincarnated Lover: Chapter 11 (2)
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so I might as well save myself the time.”

I started to get up.


I sat down, carefully keeping my face expressionless. Inwardly, I was cheering. Got him!

“It was nothing personal, you know. Malachai needed to keep an eye on Paul, and he noticed he’d started hanging out with you.” He shrugged. “You were easier to watch than his vampire buddies.”

“Vampire buddies” wasn’t quite how I would have described the rest of the community, but I let that go.

“What’s in it for you?”

He grinned. “What’d’ya think? Malachai will turn me when this is all over.”

No surprise there. I’d already guessed that from what I saw in his aura. “Why? Why do you want to be a vampire?&rd...

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