The Case of the Reincarnated Lover: Chapter 9 (4)
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Stephen, you’ll meet a young lady named Nicola. Stay near her. If you meet her without Paul, make sure you introduce them. Paul will very much like her. She’d be perfect for him.”

I heard myself whimper. But I wanted Paul to like me.

Malachai smiled. “Enough time for that later, perhaps. For now, concentrate on Stephen. Nicola won’t be around long enough to be a permanent rival.”

That made me feel better.

“All right then. That’s all for now. Date Stephen. Don’t read him. Stay close to Nicola and make sure Paul meets her. Understood.”


“Good. Let me take you back to the platform. As soon as we pass beyond the turnstiles, you’ll forget this conversation ever took place.”

I nodded. No need to...

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