The Case of the Reincarnated Lover: Chapter 7 (4)
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yourself from our discussions.” His tone was respectful but left no room for argument.

Paul answered before I had a chance to put my foot in my mouth. “Respectfully, elder, I prefer he stays. Malachai has used magic before. Dafydd can be an asset.”

Lucius waved a hand. “We have a tame warlock to do our bidding.”

“But Dafydd is not tame, and he has considerably more power than the other. He has abilities I’ve not heard of before.”

Lucius’ eyes shot to me, faint interest gleaming in them. “Is that so?” He paused, expression considering, before nodding. “Very well then. I am not so proud that I will deny us resources that may prove useful.” He motioned to someone behind the bar, who nodded back and motioned to the short ha...

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