The Case of the Reincarnated Lover: Chapter 7 (3)
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just vampires. Plenty of humans circulated as well. Some of them prowled, although to my eye, they looked silly, trying to imitate real predators. Others clung to their vampire of choice and scowled at any of the prowlers who came too close. The vampires who noticed the jockeying for position seemed amused by the antics of their “pets.”

As with the last time I was here, I wondered how anyone could think hanging out at a predator’s watering hole was a good idea. I know we are drawn by danger, but seriously? This was just insane. And no, my friendship with Paul is something completely different. Honest.

Paul glanced around. “I don’t see Damien. That’s odd. He left a message earlier that he planned to meet me here.”

“Maybe he’s just fashionably late?”


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