The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 11 (3)
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I should have kept my backpack on me. Live and learn. This was the closest I’d ever come to combat magics, and I guess it’s no surprise I’d made a mistake. I put everything except the knife into a small pile to one side of the circle. The knife I put in a pocket. If needed, I could leave everything else behind. I’d hate to lose the cauldron, but it was a small one, easily replaced. The knife, however? I’d invested a lot of energy attuning it to me and my aura, and I didn’t want to lose that if it could be helped.

Everything as set and in place as it could be, I checked the time on my phone. 5:30. Right. I was ready in plenty of time. I settled down on the ground to wait for the wolves to arrive.

That was easily one of the longest half hours ever. I m...

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