The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 9 (6)
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to the Metro. That should be plenty of time.

As I walked, I texted Paul.

Meet me at Laura’s. We’re a go.

I started walking, figuring the next few hours were going to feel very long.


I wasn’t disappointed. I killed some time and got to Laura’s around nine. Jim was gone, and Laura said she’d asked him to come back around midnight.

“I hope you pay him well for those odd hours.”

She nodded. “He knew the deal when he started. Supernatural stuff aside, hacking has always meant I kept weird hours.” She motioned to her computer. “Which reminds me. I’m doing some work for a client in London. Okay if I take care of that while we wait?”

“Sure. Can I watch?” I loved watching her...

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