The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 9 (5)
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“Thanks, but are you sure?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Gotta celebrate your meeting, right?”

He picked up the menu. “Better let me close him first before we do too much celebrating, but I appreciate the sentiment.”

We quickly decided, and Mick took our order. We didn’t talk about anything too important. For right now, I just wanted to be a regular person, eating dinner with a new and very potential love interest.

We ended with a shared dessert. It had been a toss–up between the Ultimate Chocolate Cake (me) and the Peach Bread Pudding (him), but I’d let him convince me to go with the pudding, and I wasn’t regretting it a bit. I was diving for the last bite when my phone rang. Stephen used my momentary distraction to grab it out from under my spoo...

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