The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 9 (2)
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“You can fix the trigger that changes him into a wolf. You can’t change him back to a normal human though. As far as I know, that can’t be done.” He glanced at PopPop, who was nodding in confirmation.

I sat back, relieved. “That’s what I’d thought. It’d be nice to change him back to human, but we’ll settle for making him a ‘normal’ werewolf. Runner has found a family to raise him. They’ll teach him how to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone by his change.”

“I’ll work with PopPop to write up the spell and get it to you.”


We talked a few minutes more, both of them cautioning me to be careful. PopPop was very interested in hearing about Paul, and he asked me a few questions abou...

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