The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 8 (4)
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His voice was resigned, which made me grin. While the rest of the coven was dreading whatever was coming in 2012, my grandfather thought it would be fascinating. Perhaps also dreadful, but since he hadn’t had, in his opinion, “any real magical excitement in his entire life,” he was eager to experience some soon.


As for me? I’m okay with boring when it comes to magic, but watching my grandfather’s eyes light up when he talked about what might be coming was always fun.

“Yeah, I know he will be. Good thing he has you around to keep him grounded.”

My dad rolled his eyes. “Like anyone can do that!”

We laughed, said we loved each other and hung up, after my dad gave me one more caution about Paul.

I sat back, pondering...

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