The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 8 (3)
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trust him when I finally met him.” I paused. “Good thing, too. The dream kind of forgot to tell me I’d meet him with his fangs buried in some guy’s neck.”


My dad raised an eyebrow. “Better have a word with the Universe about that one. Definitely an oversight.”

See where I get my sense of humor?

“I’m still concerned,” he continued. “I trust your dreams, son, but this is a vampire. What exactly did you see in his aura?”

I gave him the color run down, and how I’d interpreted it. Basically, Paul’s got some good, some evil, all wrapped up in the red I now know all vampires have in their aura. I could see dad wasn’t convinced, so I finished by saying, “But there’s one color that overshadows all th...

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