The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 7 (4)
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directed his next question at Paul. “And you agreed to this?”

“Of course,” Paul replied. “I’m old enough to resist a bond, if I choose to.”

The next question was to me. “And is this a companionship of equals?”

Dangerous question, but when it came right down to it, there was only one answer. I kept my voice smooth and confident. “Equals, of course. No one in their right mind would …” What was the word Paul had just used? Right, bond. “… bond a vampire against his will.”

Lucius laughed out loud, brief and harsh, but with honest amusement. Nearby conversation halted as vampires glanced at us. After a moment, they went back to their business, voices subdued.

The elder vampire spoke. “Little...

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