The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 4 (5)
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was barely visible, lurching around a corner. The other two were completely out of sight.

“Looks like it,” I said as I eased him to the ground and stripped off his shirt to get a better look at his wounds.

He started to protest the familiarity, but I hushed him.

It was bad, but he’d had worse the other night, so I wasn’t too worried. One of the wolves has bitten him just under the throat, but it was already starting to close. He also had assorted slashes and gashes on his arms and a particularly nasty one that had come close to disemboweling him. I could also see blood on his legs, and his white slacks were badly ripped and stained, but I wasn’t about to take off his trousers.

“You’ll live,” I said.

He managed a weak grin. “In a...

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