The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 4 (4)
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forth, with a smooth motion that you just know could spring into a hunting charge at any moment. They just look dangerous.

Let me tell you that there is about as much similarity between zoo wolves and these creatures as between a wolf and a poodle. Sure, similar species. Fur and fangs. That sort of thing. But wild wolves are tame house pets in comparison to these.

The three creatures attacking Paul were almost half again as large as even a big wolf, almost all of it muscle. Their fur was long, shaggy and probably offered decent protection, even against small arms fire. And the way they moved? Pure killing power. I’ve read that man is the top predator on Earth. No way. These things were way above us.

Fortunately, vampires are also above us on the predator scale, and, for the moment, Paul...

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