The Case of the Werewolf Puppy: Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

Saturday, September 5, 2009: early morning

Banging in the ferret cage woke me the next morning. Gyre has a habit of beating the food bowl against the bars when she wants attention. Maybe they were out of water. I’d been busy the last couple of days, and I couldn’t remember if I’d checked.

I groaned and rolled out of bed. Checking the clock, I saw it was 8:30. Damn! Barely enough time to get ready and over to Bob’s house for the meeting.

I usually enjoy the meetings, and I had been particularly excited about this one. Our big company meeting and rally had been a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t had enough money to go, but Bob had gone, and I wanted to hear all about the new products and changes. There had been rumors for months about a change i...

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