The Case of the Haunted Vampire: Chapter 5
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So much for my image of Paul’s car. He led me to a shiny red Prius. Neither black nor old nor huge. Paul was turning out to be very good at bursting all my preconceptions about vampires. Guess there isn’t any truth to “If you see it on TV, it must be true.”

He must have seen my face because he was laughing when he opened the door for me. Odd how courteous he was. Perhaps a clue to his age.

“Not quite what you were expecting?”

I shrugged. “Not exactly. I mean, who would have thought vampires were environmentally conscious.”

Paul shook his head. “It’s not the environment.”

I cocked my head curiously. “What then?”

He grinned. “They did studies. A man driving a Prius is sexier than a man driving...

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