The Case of the Haunted Vampire: Chapter 2
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As soon as we walked inside the restaurant, I thought we’d made a big mistake. The overhead lighting made the vampire look even more dead, if that was possible. I guess he figured it out too because he lowered his head and put his hands in his pockets. I quickly moved to a table near the window, and sat facing the front of the place, so my companion had to sit across from me, back to the door. If he had problems with that position, too bad. It beat the alternative—too many people asking uncomfortable questions. I figured the next half hour was going to be awkward enough.

Sonya, my favorite waitress, came by. Great. If anyone was going to ask questions, it’d be her. I tried to distract her by pulling a coin out of her ear (she was used to this sort of thing from me). The sleight of hand...

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