The Case of the Missing Panther (2)
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the stump.

"Do panthers have fur or hair?" I asked.

Instead of answering, Paul pulled out his iPhone and tapped for a moment before saying, "Inconclusive. I've got articles that contradict each other."

Right. Fur then. It sounds cooler.

I got myself in the right frame of mind by focusing on the night and the energies around me. This would have worked better at dusk, but the moon was close enough to full to add to the ambient power around me. I gathered in power until I felt like I had enough. Then I reached out to pick up the fur. I rolled it in my fingers, feeling the softness and teasing out individual strands. I murmured a quick finding charm and suddenly knew rough direction and distance to the panther.

Also, I knew there was something odd about...

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Table of Contents

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