The Case of the Missing Panther (1)
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Have you have had one of those wild ideas? Like where you woke up and you just had to do something? That was me the day I decided I wanted to go to the zoo.

Now if you have never lived in or visited D.C. and haven't visited the National Zoo, you are seriously missing out. Did you know we have a successful cheetah breeding project going on there? Which means, yes, baby cheetahs, who are some of the cutest baby cats you're ever going to see.

Oh, yeah, wrong cat. I was supposed to be telling the story of our zoo trip and the missing panther. All right.

Now, as you can imagine, when you're dating a vampire, you can't exactly visit the zoo during the day. Fortunately, Paul is extremely good at getting into places, and the National Zoo is pretty open, if you're...

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