The Case of the Techno Witch (2)
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a coven in the area. I was told that something dramatic was needed to attract your attention." The image waved a hand, encompassing the weird plant. "Does this do it?"

I couldn't help rolling my eyes at that. "Have you been talking to Caitlyn?" I asked.

Caitlyn is my apprentice, and she thought the best way to get my attention was to try to kill a ghoul friend of mine. And yes, I meant "ghoul" friend, not "girl" friend.

Alex's triumphant expression faltered a bit. "Uh, yes. Did I misunderstand?"

Paul had come around behind me. From the way his eyes were crinkled, I knew he was barely restraining himself from a good belly laugh. He does try to be polite, at least until he's been introduced.

I ignored Alex's question i...

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