The Case of the Techno Witch (1)
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I was curled up on the couch in what was now our house, me having sublet my old apartment and moved in formally with Paul last week. Gyre and Gimble, my two ferrets, gamboled together back and forth over the living room floor. I hoped Paul wasn't going to mind their whirlwind play in his space.

Paul was giving me a foot rub. Have you ever had a foot rub from a vampire? Probably not, so let me make you jealous by letting you know exactly what you're missing. His hand are cool, a few degrees below body temperature, which feels fantastic after a long evening tracking down the minor demon who had been preying on the homeless population in D.C. We finally ran him to ground near the Air and Space Museum, which was fortunately closed at the time. Only a few people were aroun...

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