The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 32 (1)
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Because my potion was active, I was able to turn my fall into a clumsy roll. He tried to grab me, but I dodged at the last moment, and then I was free.

I got to my feet and turned to face the guy, who was stumbling and off-balance.

I was planning my next move when Caitlyn or Richard—this was confusing; we needed a way to tell them apart—charged past me to the killer. He—I was pretty sure it was Richard—hit the bad guy several times in the stomach, ribs, neck and finally, the head, as the guy slumped over farther after each hit.

He was half-way to the floor when Runner loped up and started to tear his throat out.

My potion was starting to fade out, but I still had enough to think quickly and yell, “Runner! No. Save him for Paul.”


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