The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 31 (2)
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you’re trying to do. There’s no escape for you here. As soon as I’ve had my fill of watching you cower—oh yes, I can see right through your bravado. Your heart beat is running about 180 or so. You’re terrified out of your mind.”

Frightened? Yes. Terrified out of my mind? Not even close. Paul had taught me to use my fear. Fear heightens senses, and, if you can use it, your thoughts and reaction time.

What Morvyth didn’t know was that I hadn’t intended that last step to succeed.  I was just trying to keep her attention on me.

Because at that moment, Runner changed back into wolf form and charged.

Both Morvyth and the man were taken completely by surprise by the move. What probably surprised them even more was that Runner hit the killer...

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