The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 30 (2)
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shooting a knowing look at Caitlyn, who rolled her eyes at me.

“Obviously,” I said, my tone dry.

Paul shot me a questioning look but didn’t comment on my tone. He continued. “Runner thinks there’s a side door into the suite.” He waved off to the right side of the building. “It’s not visible from here or from the doors. We think if we break in that door, we can just walk through and open the suite door. I don’t see any alarms.”

“Trusting of them.” I thought for a minute. “Obviously, I’d rather not cause any damage, but—”

“If we don’t finish the spell, the whole thing is coming down,” Paul finished.

“Exactly. So, when we look at it that way, one broken door doesn’t seem so bad, doe...

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