The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 27 (1)
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When I finally woke up, late morning light was peeking around the thick curtains in the bed I shared with Paul. Before I started staying over, he’d kept heavy blackout curtains over his windows, but waking up to a lack of sunlight always left me disoriented, so we figured out a compromise. We moved the bed so that light from the window couldn’t reach it, and we put up lighter curtains. They still blocked most of the sunlight, but allowed just enough through that I could get some sense of the time of day.

Oh, it hadn’t hurt that Paul had replaced his windows several years earlier with some kind of super high-tech window that had multiple panes of glass and some sort of coating that blocked most UV light. This had the added effect that you never felt either cold or heat when standing...

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Table of Contents

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