The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 24 (1)
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September 21, 2011. Just after midnight

Lucius finally arrived more like 45 minutes later instead of the promised half hour, which was the bad news. However, the good news was that it gave me time to work out the revised ritual. I probably should admit that Google translate had been helpful. I doubt Cicero would approve of my grammar or syntax, but I thought it would work well enough for the ritual.

Lucius arrived with a uniformed police officer in tow. I could tell the officer wasn’t pleased to be taking orders from a civilian, but he did as asked and arranged for the building to be opened, without alarms going off. That task done, he turned and went back to his car, disapproval evident in the fixed set of his shoulders.

“Thank you,” I said to Lucius as we all hurried into th...

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