The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 19 (2)
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at the other room, I still heard sounds of fighting. I peered around the door frame, and it wasn’t good. Paul was on his back, on the ground, Morvyth pinning him to the floor. He was covered in blood, and I could tell he was weakening. At least he had bought us some time.

The elementals were moving forward, gliding across the ground, somehow giving the impression of purpose. Morvyth hadn’t seen them yet, but I saw Paul’s eyes dart to the elementals and then back to the demon pinning him. His muscles flexed, and he managed to push her away, rolling to one side as she fell backwards.

He continued his roll, ending up several feet away from Morvyth. As he moved, the elementals slid into position, surrounding her.

She sprang to her feet and glanced at the tiny angelic forms. Her...

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