The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 17 (3)
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been time for that.

I visualized a purple ball of light resting on the parchment. With the pen, I wrote All spells are now broken.

I gathered all the energy within me and poured it into the purple ball of light. The ball expanded, and with a twist of my will, it exploded into the paper.

Swaying, I almost fell over as the energy drained from me, but I managed to keep my balance.

I heard McDonald’s quick intake of breath, but he said nothing, which was good. Distraction at that moment would have bad.

Still connected to the energy, I molded it, formed it and willed it to sink into the paper. It obeyed me, and the parchment burned with a cold purple light for a moment.

I was getting tired, but I still had a few things to do, most importantly, releasing...

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