The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 16 (3)
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anything. “Oh, and a robe, if you have one that might fit me.” I was dubious. McDonald was several inches taller than me.

He looked like he was thinking for a moment before nodding absently and walked to a closet. He opened the door and flicked through what looked like several sets of robes on hangers. Finally, he pulled one out and held it out to me. “Might this do?”

I stepped over and took it from him. It was heavy. Heavy like quality, not heavy as in would weigh me down. I fingered the material. Silk. Nice. The color was a deep blue. I’m a traditionalist and prefer black, but dark blue was close enough. I opened it up and slipped it over my shoulders. A bit long, but it didn’t drag the ground, so I thought it would work.

I took it off, draped it over...

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