The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 15 (1)
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I turned. A tall man was entering the room. I had seen McDonald on television before, and I recognized him. He had dark hair, graying at the temples. He was dressed in a suit which I suspected cost more than six months’ rent on my apartment. I wouldn’t have known that before I met Paul, but my partner has been educating me in the finer points of clothing.

The only sign of age was the grey in his hair. His skin was lightly tanned and not at all wrinkled. He was fit with the lean musculature of someone who works out regularly to offset sitting in an office. Put a hard hat and work shirt on him, and he might fool a casual viewer into thinking he could work alongside his construction crews, but it would be an illusion. I doubted this man had ever done an honest day’s work.


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