The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 13 (4)
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where the potion came in. I was able to come up with a mixture of that used several herbs with veiling or concealing properties, added to strengthening and protection, and the result is something which doesn’t make you invisible, but more encourages someone’s eye to slide right past you. It works best if you are standing next to something that can draw the eye away from you, but if you are careful to move slowly, you can move while under its effects.

It only works against sight, not the other senses, so if someone bumps into you, they’ll feel it, and I learned through working with Runner that it’s not at all effective against smell, but I’ve been working on improving it.

In other words, it probably wouldn’t slow Morvyth down for long, if at all, but it should work aga...

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