The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 13 (3)
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any buddies we should be keeping an eye out for.”

“Nope. He was still working alone. I’ve pulled in some of the rural pack members, and we’re stepping up our patrols for the next few nights. If there are more wolves in town, we’ll find them and let them know they aren’t welcome right now.”

That was a relief. I trusted Runner and his people to take care of other werewolves. One less thing to worry about.

“We figure if McDonald can’t use wolves, he’ll be limited to human agents, and that might slow him down.”

I nodded as I watched the city scroll by. “Unless he suddenly has an in with ghouls or other demons, I think you’re right. If he’s been using vampire agents, he’s blown it with them, at last for now.&rdqu...

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