The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 12 (4)
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know we've figured out by now that we are dealing with a witch. A demon witch."

I picked up the thread. "And just to make your unlife complete, you know her."

Fire was flashing in Damien's dark eyes, but his position gives him plenty of opportunity to practice restraint, and he reined in his anger enough to ask, "Who is she?"

"We know her as Morvyth," Paul said. "But I'm not sure if that's the name she's used here."

From the way Damien's eyes darted to the door where Morvyth had just departed a few minutes ago, I guessed it was the name she had been using here.

"Are you certain?" He snapped the words out.

"Quite certain," Paul answered, obviously enjoying himself. Although he and Damien have be...

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