The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 11 (3)
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his table and said, "Hey, aren't you Tim Morgan?"

The young man glanced up, blood-shot eyes wavering uncertainly to focus on my face. Good. He'd already had plenty to drink. That would make this easier. "Who wants to know?"

I held out my hand and noted that he took it automatically. "My name's Dafydd Smith. I think my dad works with yours."

I held my breath, hoping he wouldn't try to call my bluff and ask for more specifics. Hedging my bets, I said, "What are you drinking? I'll spring for another round."

Tim smiled, apparently satisfied that I was on the up and up if I was offering to buy him a drink. "Sure," he said, words only slightly slurred. "Have a seat."

Paul came up behind me and handed me a glas...

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