The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 11 (1)
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Chapter 11

September 19, 2011. Late afternoon

I'd been right. It had been a long night, but productive. I was fairly sure I'd devised a recipe for a potion to protect us from the effects of transformational magic. It wouldn't last long, and it might not protect us completely, but it would make the witch use more power than she'd be expecting, and it should buffer us from the worst effects. Transformations can be nasty, and used creatively, can kill. Imagine how long you'd live if all the valves in your heart suddenly sealed themselves? A witch could do that if she were powerful and motivated enough.

I'd sent the recipe off to my dad, asking him to forward it to one of his coven members who was particularly skilled in potion making. I hoped she'd find any mistak...

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