The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 10 (4)
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going to have to go up against her, and that sounds likely, what else could she use the power for?"

An excellent question and one I hadn't thought of yet. I glanced over at Jim, who was nodding. "Yes, once she has the power, she can use it for anything."

"And what are witches good at again?" Paul asked, his tone grim.

I saw where he was going. "Transformational magic. We already know she's good at that from what she's doing to the buildings. So you're wondering how else she could use her power?"

The grave expression in Paul's eyes was all the answer I needed.

I noticed Jim's knuckles go white on his cane. "And we also know she's good at mind control."

I sat up, almost spilling my drink. Paul gave me a quick...

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