The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 10 (2)
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want to explain that for the slow people in class?"

Jim chuckled. "You're not slow, just lacking some theory and practical experience." He looked at me. "You want to explain it, or should I?"

I put another couple of pieces together and said, "Let me try. You can correct me if I head down the wrong path."

He gave me a carry on motion, and I started, hesitantly at first.

"All right. I've told you that Jim gets his power from an angel while I draw my energy from energy surrounding me."

"Note that I also can get power from the same sources as Dafydd," Jim put in. "I only channel power from Rachiel under certain conditions."

"Rachiel is your angel?" Caitlyn asked.

"Yes. Angel of Friday.&...

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