The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 9 (1)
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Chapter 9

September 18, 2011. Early afternoon

We'd made, for us, an early night of it yesterday. Paul had called Damien to fill him in. The other vampire had been unhappy to hear of potential werewolves and possibly demonic witches. He had also reminded Paul that I had agreed to meet with the vampire's tame witch, which is why I was hanging around a Starbucks the next afternoon, near Chinatown, waiting for her to arrive.

Before you point out that discussing magic in such a public place is a bad idea, let me remind you that we were meeting in a crowded coffee house. As long as we didn't start yelling spells at the top of our lungs, we'd be fine.

I had just enough time to order my usual--a Venti Cafe Americano--before she arrived. We'd met before, so I nodd...

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