The Case of the Collapsing Building: Chapter 8 (5)
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I have access to that information."

I gave her a quick grin. "We should be able to avoid the musty books for this one. I can upgrade your access, but remembered, with great power..."

She laughed and finished, "…comes great responsibility. Yeah, I know that one."

"Good. I can't have an apprentice who has failed to achieve a good grounding in Marvel movies."

Runner and Paul gave each other long-suffering looks, which was more than a bit disingenuous on Paul's part. He was the one who had proposed watching back-to-back Iron Man movies a few months ago.

Paul offered to drive Caitlyn home, but she refused, saying she'd take the Metro and run some errands on the way home. Runner surprised me by offering to take her to the Metro Station, and the...

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